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In this section you’ll find a useful support for choosing the right brake system dimensions and the friction material which better fits to your application. We offer you our co-operation and support to develop new products from design to first prototype.

Rebuilt clutch plate for vintage cars  Custom made products for industrial equipment
 Brake pads for hydroelectric generators  Rail brake blocks


Since 2005 in co-operation with TECSA a leader in manufacturing brake test benches, we carry out bench scale laboratory testing in order to determine friction material characterization.

The main features of our test bench are as follows:
Inertia: da 5 a 220 Kgm2
Maximum speed: 2000 rpm
Maximum braking torque: 5000 Nm
Brake assembling: -Standard (With brake disc on shaft and caliper on tailstock)
-With Steering swivel
Controlled brake cooling: up to 4000/h
Oil volume measurement: operated through pedal stroke (very precise measurement)
AK Master – AK1 – AK 2
ECE R-90
WEAR test
7-H2000 – Fiat procedure (partial and/or total)
TSR 5151G procedure Wear
Test Bosch (partial and/or total)
AMS – Auto Moto Sport