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ISIBOND management considers customer satisfaction to be fundamental for the company's growth and expansion on new markets. Therefore in line with the principles of a sustainable development, the company is committed in manufacturing high quality products with the lowest environmental impact. In addition, being a leader in its field, it engages in maintaining a management system, aimed to ensure the continuous improvement of its products’ quality and services, as well as the fulfilment of all provisions of the law that may be applicable to its own activities.
The principles the company wants to pursue are the following ones:

  • To supply products made according to technical and contractual specifications.
  • To deliver products in time.
  • To rationalize energy and resources consumption.
  • To optimize the management of produced wastes.
  • To prevent emergencies as much as possible.
  • To adopt measures to reduce the environmental impacts caused by emergency conditions.
  • To contribute to a wider awareness of environmental issues towards customers and suppliers.

In order to guarantee the respect of the above principles the company intends:

  • To increase staff professionalism and responsibility, so that every working activity is accomplished in line with company rules and policies.
  • To evaluate, in a preventive way, the environmental impacts of the new equipments and raw materials.
  • To adopt a preventive problem solving approach.
  • To plan out objectives and steps for achieving them.
  • To engage in outside-world activities in order to make possible a better awareness of environmental issues even through the diffusion
    of this very document.
  • To always check the obtained results.

Every worker will have to feel responsible for achieving the above mentioned principles by making them a part of his everyday activity. That for a continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Our more than thirty years experience in the friction industry, as well as our huge data base, are the key of our products' quality and reliability, allowing us to find a solution even for special applications.

Given the complexity of our processing which requires high competence in the chemical, textile and mechanical fields, we’ve been chosen by the ITC* (International Training Centre) as the reference company for one of its stages.

* The ITC is the training arm of the International Labour Organization (ILO) a branch of the United Nations (ONU) to promote social justice, human rights and international labour rules.

Knowledge and training are the key factors for companies' innovation. The growth and the updating of its staff, with special regard to technical employees studying new friction materials, are very important to ISIBOND. To reach such goal, we also take part to periodical seminars like l'EUROBRAKE, which is a great chance for exchanging views and experiences among the participants, about the new products' evaluation.


Certificate ISO 9001:2015 issued by RINA
Certificate ISO 9001:2005 issued by IQNET
Certificate ISO 14001:2015 issued by RINA
 Certificate ISO 14001:2015 issued by IQNET