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Lab and road tests in co-operation with dealers and garages, are carried out in order to reach the high-quality standards requested by a more and more exigent market. This is the only way to obtain prompt results, allowing us to cut the time to market for new and updated products. Thanks to such approach it is possible to add to our experience also the opinion of professional repairers and final users.




Research and tests concerning asbestos-free friction materials started in early eighties, in order to replace asbestos based materials which we used to deal with. Thanks to the encouraging results we achieved, we decided to start manufacturing our own asbestos-free friction materials, which in a few years obtained amazing performances, by exceeding in some cases even old asbestos based materials.

In 1999 during the Italian asbestos conference in Rome, we showed the results concerning our research about alternative fibres.

Our long-term co-operation with the Polithechnic of Turin, was a decisive factor in developing new mechanical components and innovative friction materials.

Our research aims at reducing the environmental impact of our processing and products, by improving quality and performance.