ISIBOND becomes a supplier of the brakes that will be installed on the ITALA which, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary, will retrace the route from PARIS to BEIJING.
The historic Beijing-Paris Raid saw the Italian crew of Scipione Borghese triumph at the head of the legendary “Itala”, with two weeks ahead of the other competitors.
The planned itinerary follows the original itinerary, departing from France and arriving in China for an estimated duration of 60 days.
The route, about 16,000 km long, will wind through France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Mongolia and China. The initial stages however will have as a scenario Italy, in particular Turin, the birthplace of the ltalian.
The Rocco ERRICO and Luciano MARENGO pilots receive the brake shoes by Dr. Riccardo NAVIRE.